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FL Studio Sounds and Drumkits

In this section of free fl studio sounds, you will have the access to a huge library of totally free FL Studio Sounds. These sounds are compatible to use with fruity loops five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Nowadays fruity loop sounds are getting very expensive to the average producer looking for FL Sounds, and the newer producers are struggling to keep up with the high demand of innovative and fresh Fruity Loops Sounds. Keep checking back for a new sounds every week, as a new drum kit or sound will be loaded to the site each week. You can download drum samples, passion samples, drum loops, loops, loops midi, industry industry drumkits and samples, and much more. help keepĀ  the sounds free and tell your friends about our specials. Enjoy your free Fl Studio Sounds and Drumkits!

Free Industry Sounds and DrumKits



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  1. I’d like that Rick Ruben sound kit. Gmail me

  2. Can you send me the Just Blaze and Swizz Beats kits?

  3. can you please send me the shawty red, rick rubin, marley marl, and daz dillinger kits? it would be appreciated

  4. I dont know if yu can but can you send me all of the soundpacks and drumkits ? . I would really appreciate it . Im tired of my old sounds :/

  5. Could you send me the Kanye, synth, and 808s? id appreciate it

  6. dude…if u can send me the sounds of india pack. It would be very great. Thank you. my email:

  7. could you send me all sounds? If you could that’d be dope

  8. I really appreciate this bog. Everything on here is really nice. I think you have become a hero to a lot of home producers.
    My request is big but if possible could you send me all the Free Industry Sounds and Drumkits, Soundpacks, and drumkits!
    Thanks again for the awesome access to all of this.

  9. could you please send me all the Free Industry Sounds and DrumKits
    and all the sound packs and drum kits if you can but please can you do that and thanks

  10. Hi, could you send me all the packs please? Many thanks


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