Welcome To Free FL Studio Sounds!

Welcome to the web’s most extensive library of Free FL Studio Sounds! Not only will you be able to download drum samples, fruity loops sounds, midi loops, drumkits, industry soundpacks and more, they will not come along with a huge pricetag! How do we keep these FL Studio sounds free you ask? Our awesome sponsors keep the page up and running and the fruity loops sounds totally FREE! We opened up FL Sounds in 2006 and have been providing quality fruity loops sounds for free.

If you look elsewhere on the internet for Free FL Studio Sounds you will be disappointed as most of them are generic sounds and if they are giving away free downloads the soundpacks usually are basic to say the least. 97 percent of FL studio sounds and drumkits sites charge for EVERY FL Studio Sound download as we do not charge for a single one. Now are you seeing the difference between free fl studio sounds and the rest of the fruity loops sounds websites?

We have been successfully providing producers with top quality sounds and drumkits since the release of FL Studio 4, introducing the option for a more flexible soundpack installation. We set out to provide the most free fl studio sounds around after seeing so many sites overcharging for simple sounds and midi loops. You can expect FLsounds only to get bigger and better as time passes, with more fruity loops sounds, more midi loops, more industry kits, more drumkits, more everything! The only way to get the freshest FL Studio Sounds is to constantly check back here for Fruity Loop Updates every week!

You can also expect top, quality video’s and tutorials on getting started with fruity loops, making beats with the original fruity loops sounds, creating your own midi loops and acquiring samples! Along with the Free fruity loops sounds provided on this website, you can keep up to date with the new releases of FL Studio! We will even be holding monthly Fruity Loops promo campaigns, giving away the new FL Studio to 10 people!  Yea, EVERY MONTH! You cant beat that, our daily mission here is to provide you with quality, industry sounding drumkits and Fl Studio Sounds to help you in your producer endeavors. Now explore the site, find and download drum samples, Find and download the Free Fl Studio Sounds you’ve been looking for, Find and download the midi loops you need! We hope you send us an email with any suggestions for the future site, and if you have any requests for a free fl studio sounds or a certain drumpack that you need.


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