Are the sounds on this site 100% Free?
Yes! We do not charge fees for soundpacks or drumkits, our awesome sponsors and you allow us to provide a vast list of totally free fl studio sounds.

How often do you get new sounds?
We try to upload new free fl studio sounds once a week, whether it be a drumkit or a soundpack or a midi loop.

My download said it was uploading new sounds and it couldn’t download, why is this?
When we update sounds to the server, download are temporarily disabled. We often add sounds in under 10 minutes and the download server will go back up approximately 10 minutes after completion!

Do you have any FL Studio programs for free?
Along with the Free Fl Studio Sounds, We hold a monthly contest and give away 10 FL Studio programs to winners!

What FL studio versions are the free fl studio sounds compatible with?
They are compatible with FL 6,7,8,9, and 10! As new FL Studio programs continue to come out, we will be sure to have compatible sounds for each new addition.

Can I suggest a soundpack to put on the site?
Sure! Use the email in the contacts page to send any suggestions for drumkits or soundpacks!

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FL Studio Sounds

FL Studio Sounds

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